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Plan it, manage it and track it with production management software

Why production management software matters
If you want an edge in your business or shop floor you need to plan it, manage it and track it with production management software.

In your window furnishings business you need to feel confident you have the real-time availability of each detail involved in the whole operation. This is central to the continued growth, success, and profitability of your manufacturing business.

What to consider
Production management software will provide you with modules to plan, schedule, monitor, manage, analyse and report on the manufacturing process from start-to-finish, giving you real-time visibility and control over your manufacturing supply chain.

You need to evaluate whether it will enhance your business process. You need to have software that will:

  • Eliminate processes that do nothing for your business
  • Banish downtime that isn’t factored into your day
  • Optimise scheduling and resource allocation
  • Allow for complete visibility and tracking of the whole manufacturing process from raw material through to customer delivery
  • Comply with quality standards.

The right production management software  

What features do you need to consider for production management software? Does the software provide:

  • A dashboard that provides an overview of all your orders within the workflow process
  • A job tracking summary that gives you a great overview, showing the big picture and allowing you to assess how all production areas are going
  • A detail view showing you your selection criteria per line item. You can filter this by product job tracking line, order status job tracking and manufacturing process job tracking and even per order
  • The ability to use different colours to highlight the status of each item, to see at a glance how each is progressing
  • A way to collate all information required to manufacture with the use of job sheets
  • A system that allows you to track each item or order using barcodes to update their status and process
  • An ability to scan orders from your warehouse, shop, website or factory, reducing the use of manual status updating by scanning your barcodes to update the system for you.

The right production management software will enable you to plan, manage and track the process from start to finish.  If you are interested to find out more, check out this eBook here or contact us to book in for a demo here.


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