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Drive results with the right dispatch software system

How times have changed
Not long ago, if your company wanted to run dispatch software it meant being glued to a desktop. But today, you can drive results with the right dispatch software system for your windows furnishing company in many practical and versatile ways.

Dispatch on the move
Naturally, mobile phones have had a major impact on how customers do business and how a company responds to that. The internet of things (IoT) now means that anyone – techs, administrators and dispatchers alike – can work from just about anywhere with a Wi-Fi connection.

Flexibility rules, OK                                     
Rather than organising and running jobs from a central location with printouts given to technicians,
information can now be assigned and routed to the field in real-time. That’s a degree of flexibility that would have been unthinkable even only a decade ago. It’s a great option for your business as it will enhance how you operate.

Benefits of dispatch software
Dispatch software streamlines communications from the customer’s first telephone call or email through to a technician arriving to complete the job. However, choosing the perfect dispatch software to drive results for your company can be tricky.

You’ll obviously be looking for dispatch software for your widows furnishing company that:

  • Increases productivity
  • Improves efficiency in the field
  • Helps organise your business
  • Improves mobile field service time management
  • Simplifies back-end processes.


Driving results
Having worked in the industry for many years we know the benefits of having the right dispatch software in place and this is why we built software that has:

  • A dashboard that allows an overview of your orders within the workflow process
  • An installation summary which shows how busy each installer is. This is done by displaying the number of jobs and estimated time to install
  • A facility that permits for each install and/or delivery to be reviewed. Plus, check it’s confirmed with the customer, whether the customer is picking it up or if you’re delivering, what is the balance owing and so on
  • An ability to assess a job when the installer returns. This means the outcome of each install is updated, whether it be completed, rebooked or reworked.
  • A facility which outlines any outstanding balances, installs check measures, customer contact details and so forth
  • An ability to scan orders using the barcodes thereby updating the dispatch status.

If you are looking for more efficiency, mobility and organisation with your dispatch system software download this free eBook here or contact us to book in a demo here.

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