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What are the windows of opportunity with your wholesale CRM?

Get with the program
As your business grows managing your contacts, clients and prospects in a CRM will not only make your life easier it will impact the efficiency of your ordering, quoting and invoicing processes.

Current CRM trends
General trends in wholesale CRM in recent years include software that incorporates sales, customer service and support, marketing, and digital commerce. As well in some industries, analytics are hot, as are multichannel technologies. In your window furnishing business, you will want many of these elements. So what do you need to consider?

Wholesale CRM selling points
As a wholesaler, you will want software that provides instant access to your customers’ details, reference points that could be anything from a suburb to a telephone number, details of their orders, notes or other interactions with you and there is always the option of using multiple search fields to create different list types if you have important messages to send different groups.

Group benefits
You can also group your customers via a system that works for you – whether that be where they are based, the type of client they are, price or discount groups, or new and old customers and so on. This can be helpful to handle various accounts as well as for marketing purposes.

Deal your cards
Part of this efficiency is to have customer cards. They give you access to many avenues of the system from starting a new lead to entering a new quote, adding additional contacts and notes plus much more. The customer card also provides you with account information including credit limits and balances.

Stay on top of details
Keep track of your customers contact details. With just a click you can edit your customer’s entire details from names, numbers, addresses, discounts to account and card details.

Good order
As well as customer account details, probably the most important detail in your CRM is what order/s your customer has placed. Our software allows you to see everything concerning your client orders including quotes, leads, orders, payment history and installation dates and plenty more.

Using the right wholesale CRM ultimately means the potential to do great business, with more efficiency, speed and accuracy, who wouldn’t want that?

To find out more about our software and how it could benefit your business, check out this free eBook or contact us here.


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